Pro Era - 285 Kent - 6/12/13

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into when a friend of mine asked me to take photos for her at this show, but since it looked like a sweaty cool show at a cool venue, I couldn’t say no. I’m not usually one for rap shows but this one definitely makes me want to find more.

While the sold-out show was meant to be in honor of Brooklyn’s very own Joey Bada$$ and the release of his new “Summer Knights” mixtape, the release was pushed back to July 1. Despite that, Joey and “special guests” from Pro Era including Nyck Caution, A La $ole, Dessy Hinds, Dyemond Lewis, and more played new and old material.

IT WAS PRETTY SWEET. I really recommend going to see Pro Era if you get the chance. Until then, take a look at their YouTube page and check their shit out.